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Ex-Police Multi-Threat Body Armour

Ex-Police Body Armour / Bullet Stab Proof Vest

  • Multi-threat body armour - protection against both bullets and knives
  • 2 body armour versions - Overt (worn over clothing) or Covert (under clothing)
  • Colours - Black (overt) / White (covert)
  • Sizes - Medium to XX Large

Multi-threat Police Body Armour is worn either under or over clothing and uses the latest defensive design technology to provide the wearer with effective protection against knives and bullets.

How it works

For protection against bullets, multi-layer aramid fabric disperses the bullet’s impact energy through several layers to prevent penetration.

It’s effective against firearms up to and including .357 Magnum and 9mm handguns.

For protection against knives, Multi-threat Police Body Armour incorporates a metallic element. This prevents sharp edges from penetrating, and it is also effective against slashing attacks and against improvised weapons such as broken bottles.

It should be noted that high velocity rifle bullets and some very sharp implements impacting at high energy may penetrate, although the vest will reduce their effectiveness.

Blunt Trauma

The severe bruising called blunt trauma is produced by a bullet hitting the armour and dissipating energy behind it, into the body tissues.

There is no evidence of this being fatal, and wearing body armour will allow sufficient time for medical help to be summoned.


Multi-threat Police Body Armour is easily adjustable around the waist and should not be worn too tight.

When wearing it for covert operations, adjustments can be made to prevent it from showing through outer clothing. After wearing it for a while it will quickly start moulding itself to the contours of the body.

Heat retention

Wearing body armour, especially in warm weather, can raise the body temperature. To minimise this, fewer layers of clothing should be worn and more liquids ingested.

The type of activity engaged in also needs to be factored in when using body armour of any kind.

Care and hygiene

As Multi-threat Police Body Armour has a built-in sweat management system it is not necessary to wear a tee shirt underneath unless inclined to do so.

The armour does, however, need to be kept clean. After use it should be laundered and the protective inserts given a good airing.

If it is damp, from either rain or perspiration, it should be thoroughly dried out before it is worn again. Wiping it down with a damp cloth and soapy water is fine.

Remove protective inserts before laundering using the zips on the back and front of the cover, at the bottom.

Wash the outer cover according to the manufacturer’s label, and make sure all the zips and other fastenings are closed if the body armour is being dry-cleaned.


Multi-threat Police Body Armour must not be allowed to crease or crumple, because if a crease becomes permanent it can affect the anti-ballistic properties of the vest.

For best results, store the armour in a flat or upright position and do not attempt to fold it.


Multi-threat Police Body Armour, in common with all types of body armour, cannot provide 100% protection against all kinds of weaponry, as this level of protection simply does not exist.

It will, however, provide good protection against most kinds of bullets and knives, until medical help arrives if necessary.

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