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Kids Medium Camo Torch

Kids Medium Camo Angle-Head Torch

The kid’s medium camo angle-head torch is three quarters the size of the full size version and is perfect for the older child.

Supplied with four colour filters (red/blue/green/yellow) to aid night vision ops and covert map reading. The only difference from the full size version is this one is fitted with a belt clip to attach to your child’s assault vest or jacket pocket.

The angled head leaves your hands free while illuminating the way. The slide on/off switch keeps things simple and the Morse Code button located just above the on/off switch will have your child dot dot dash dashing away!

Water tight rubber seals are fitted to the bulb and battery access compartments with two C-cell batteries supplied. This torch measures 17cm in length and has circumference of approximately 13cm.

There is a spare bulb under the spring in the battery compartment too so you’ll never be left in the dark.

Made from a durable hard wearing plastic and finished in a woodland camo colour its perfect for cadets on a budget.

  • 4 Filters to Aid Night Vision & Map Reading
  • Morse Code Button
  • Belt Clip
  • Suitable for Cadets
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