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Scapa IRR Sniper Tape

Scapa IRR Erebis MTP Camo Sniper Tape

Ensure your weapons and equipment blend into the background with this roll of Scapa IRR Erebis MTP Sniper Tape 10m.

Quick and easy to use, this genuine issue tape is also infra-red reflective to help make sure you won’t be spotted so easily.

Made from self-adhesive fabric, it has the Erebis ATP pattern that is MTP compatible. It can be moulded to fit any shape and is easy to tear using just your hands, making application quick and simple.

It doesn’t leave behind any residue when it is removed and it can be washed and re-used as needed.

As well as helping to camouflage your gun and kit, it also helps to insulate hot or cold surfaces, making using your gun in extreme temperatures more comfortable.

Using it can improve the grip and handling of your weapon, and it helps to protect equipment from scratches.

  • 10 metre mini roll Scapa Sniper Tape
  • Erebis (MTP Compatible) Camouflage
  • Infra-Red Reflective
  • Genuine issue adhesive fabric tape
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Protects your equipment against scratches
  • Improves the grip and handling of covered equipment
  • Helps insulate from hot or cold surfaces
  • Easy to cut or tear with hands
  • Can be moulded to any shape
  • Does not leave a residue when removed
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