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Army Model Kit

Army Commanders Orders Model Kit

Make your orders clear with the help of the Army Commanders Orders Model Kit.

Neatly contained within a zipped Multicam bag, this kit has been professionally designed to contain the essentials you need to effectively plan military operations in the field.

Inside the camouflage bag you’ll find 10 scale markers, five different coloured ribbons and four large coloured chalks.

All the cards are plastic coated to make them waterproof, so you can confidently use them in any weather conditions.

The kit contains two sets of duplicate cards and enough ribbon to ensure there is adequate supplies for making two models. The cards are already cut and are provided in two bags to keep them separate for ease of use.

  • Professionally designed and produced army model making kit
  • Compact and no-fuss
  • Duplicated cards and ribbons sufficient to make 2 models
  • All cards waterproof (plastic coated)
  • 5 different coloured ribbons
  • 4 large coloured chalks
  • 10 scale markers
  • Comes complete in zipped Multicam case with belt loops
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