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Jetboil Helios Cooking System

Jetboil Helios Cooking System

The Jetboil Helios Cooking System uses award-winning Fluxring technology and innovative design to create an efficient and easy-to-use portable system for outdoor cooking.

High capacity and high performance come together in the Jetboil Helios Cooking System. One of the most efficient field cooking solutions on the market, one click of the button lights the Helios instantly and reliably, even in adverse weather conditions.

The heat it provides is consistent no matter how little fuel is left, and anything from melting snow to freeze-dried ration packs can be cooked in it quickly and conveniently.

The Fluxring Pot has a capacity of two litres and is insulated with a neoprene cozy. The unit has a snap-on windscreen and the covers for the lid and bottom double up as plates.

This highly versatile assemblage can be carried around easily with other kit, and is the all-in-one answer to safe and reliable cooking in most outdoor conditions.

Jetboil Helios Features:
  • 2.0 litre Fluxring Pot with insulating neoprone cozy
  • Pot-supporting burner base
  • Push-button igniter assembly
  • Fuel can stabiliser
  • Snap-on windscreen
  • Lid and bottom covers double as plates
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