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Pits & Bits Expandable Wipes

Pits & Bits Expandable Wipes

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Versatile for cleaning dirt and grime away from everything from yourself to your kit, these Pits & Bits Expandable Wipes will help you save space without compromising on hygiene.

Each wipe has been compressed to form a tablet that measures just 2cm x 1cm and weighs only 2.6g, making them easy to carry even if you’re travelling light and are short on space.

When you want to use the wipe, simply add liquid in the form of either water or a body wash like Pits & Bits Rinse Free Body Wash, and it will expand quickly to give you a useful, large washing cloth.

Made from 100% natural rayon, these flannels are soft and durable and can be reused again and again.

Chemical free and completely safe, you can use these wipes for everything from your washing up, kit and your body to maintain personal hygiene.

  • Can be used with water.
  • Safe and chemical free.
  • Extremely light - 2.6g each.
  • 100% natural rayon.
  • Reusable.
  • Pack of 4 - £1.49 (RRP £1.99 You Save £0.50)
  • Pack of 9 - £2.99 (RRP £3.99 You Save £1.00)
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