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Water Purification Tablets

Aquaclear Water Purification Tablets

Ensure water is safe to drink with Aquaclear Water Purification Tablets. Each compact box contains a pack of 50 tablets, enough to treat 50 litres of water quickly and effectively.

Ideal for camping, bushcraft or for military personnel travelling to places where water may be contaminated, these easy to use chlorine-based tablets will destroy harmful bacteria and waterborne diseases.

They ensure water is safe to drink or prepare food with, as well as safe for cleaning your teeth or for washing wounds.

One tablet effectively treats one litre of water. Using these purification tablets will quickly destroy the bacteria responsible for stomach disorders, such as diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera, as well as viruses like hepatitis A, which can all live in water.

This box of tablets is compact and light, making them easy to pack for travel even when space is at a premium.

  • The easy way to purify water
  • Treats 50 Litres per pack
  • The pack comes with 50 chlorine based tablets
  • Weight: 0.02 kg
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