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Military Compasses

Map reading and navigation is still an important skill for the military and still important when hiking off the beaten path. Our compasses range from a simple micro-button compass to map compasses and military-style lensatic compasses. An essential survival tool.

Highlander Button Compass

  • Small and lightweight compass
  • Perfect for emergency survival kits
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ideal for beginners
SAVE £0.50

Highlander Military Compass

  • Genuine heavy duty military compass
  • Luminous swing dial
  • Adjustable magnifying viewer
  • Ideal for armed forces, hiking, camping
SAVE £1.04

Highlander Pathfinder Military Map Compass

  • Based on military style compass
  • Luminous markings
  • 2 x magnifying viewer and sighting line
  • Includes lanyard neck cord
SAVE £1.04

Highlander Lensatic Compass

  • Based on traditional military design
  • Luminous swing dial and adjustable viewer
  • Brass sighting wire and thumb clasp
  • Ideal for any travel or orienteering needs
SAVE £0.50

Highlander Deluxe Map Compass

  • General purpose, durable plastic compass
  • Luminous swing dial and index pointer
  • Includes lanyard neck cord
  • Ideal for most outdoor activities