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Opinel Classic Original Locking Knife - Beech

Opinel Classic Beech Locking Knife

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Renowned for strength, durability and superior craftsmanship, the Opinel Classic Original Beech Locking Knife is made in the French Alps.

Each individually hand-sharpened knife follows a meticulous process that involves over 20 stages. Constructed from tough carbon steel, the blade features a unique domed profile, which helps to maintain strength and resist wear for a long-lasting cutting edge.

The handle of the knife is made with similar care. 95% of the high-quality wood used is sourced from French forests, and each handle is formed through a careful process of cutting, shaping, sanding and varnishing to ensure it will last a lifetime.

Safe locking blade in use and when stored

Every knife features a Virobloc safety ring. Invented in 1955 by Marcel Opinel, it was updated in 2000 to conform to modern standards in safety and reliability. The ring allows the blade to be safely locked into place both when in use and during storage.

  • Opinel 7cm Blade (6VRN) - £7.95
  • Opinel 8cm Blade (7VRN) - £8.45
  • Opinel 8.5cm Blade (8VRN) - £8.95
  • Opinel 9cm Blade (9VRN) - £9.25
  • Opinel 10cm Blade (10VRN) - £10.95
  • Opinel 12cm Blade (12VRN) - £13.95
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