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Pro-Force Cadet First Aid Kit

Pro-Force Cadet First Aid Kit

Neatly packaged in a tough plastic box, the Pro-Force Cadet First Aid Kit contains all the essential items you need for treating injuries when you’re on the go.

Designed for military use, it is also an indispensable emergency kit for any outdoor activities, sports or general use when you’re out and about.

This compact first aid kit measures only 12cm x 8.6cm, and can be neatly stored in your bag or car for added peace of mind that you have all the basics that you might need for treating injuries in a survival situation.

The durable plastic container will help to keep the contents clean and protected, so they are ready to use when you need to.

Inside this handy kit, you’ll find essentials including a pair of scissors, a pair of tweezers, bandages and cotton swabs. There’s also a handy sewing kit for making emergency repairs, and adhesive tape.

  • Durable plastic box
  • Weight: 0.078kg
  • Size: 12 x 8.6cm
  • Colour: Olive


  • 1 x small scissors
  • 1 x tweezers
  • 4 x Safety pins
  • 4 x Adhesive bandage 1.9 x 7.2cm
  • 1 x Adhesive tape ½" x 1m
  • 1 x Sewing kit
  • 2 x Cotton swabs
  • 1 x Stretch bandage 5 x 83cm
  • 3 x Absorbent cotton 5cm
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