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Waterproof Survival Matches

Waterproof Survival Matches

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Designed with extra long heads that will burn through strong winds or rain, these Waterproof Survival matches are an essential for your survival kit.

Also known as storm or lifeboat matches, these standard NATO issue matches are the finest available on the market. They will burn for around 12 seconds and cannot be blown out.

They will ignite even if they get wet. Once lit, they will continue to burn even if dropped in water.

The 5cm long matches are contained in a watertight plastic container that measures 6cm x 3cm and conveniently features a match-strike surface on one end. Each 18g pack contains 25 of these essential matches.

Hand dipped and varnished, they are used by the military, marines, coast guard, and many other professionals, as well as being an essential for camping, bush craft and other outdoor activities.

  • 1 waterproof plastic container
  • Includes 25 matches
  • Hand-dipped and varnished
  • NATO approved
  • Container size: 6 x 3cm
  • Match length: 5cm
  • Weight: 18g
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