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Altberg Jungle Microlite Boot - Black


This Altberg Hybrid Jungle Microlite Boot

has been made for over fifteen years.
The sole is a micro/rubber open cleat construction and due to its lightweight shock-absorbing properties, it can also double as a good tabbing boot or everyday versatile boot.

• A versatile boot
which can be used in muddy conditions as well as
  everyday use.

• Ultra-lightweight

• Polypropylene graded midsole

• Excellent underfoot support

• Ultra-light Skywalk micro-rubber shock absorbing sole

• Anfibio 2.4mm leather / Cordura upper

• Wide range of uses

• Colour: Black

• Sizes: 6 - 13 (including ½ sizes)

Alberg Jungle Microlite Boot Leathers

Altberg use only the best European hides and have recently enhanced the tanning of their leathers to make them more supple. Very little finish is used on Altberg leather, to keep it as natural as possible, (you may see slight surface marks - these are natural and will not affect performance or durability). The foot area of Altberg boots uses top quality Anfibio leather, whilst the collar and tongue areas use soft tanned full grain water-repellant leather - top quality European hides, tanned to a supple finish, whilst retaining strength and durability.