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Altberg Leder Gris Original Wax Oil

Leder Gris Original Wax Oil by Altberg

Correct Leather Treatment

Leder-Gris Original Wax-Oil is a waterproofing treatment for regular use on medium and heavy leathers. Suitable for all types of leather footwear used in average UK conditions. The correct leather treatment is essential if you are to get the best out of your Altberg boots. Altberg recommended that you brush in Leder- Gris when boots are dry or almost dry - use the brush to work the wax oil into the leather. Leder-Gris Wax-Oil will not significantly soften leather. Always treat with Leder-Gris before storage.
We do not recommend Kiwi or similar brands of 'shoe shine' wax.

Drying Leather when Wet

Never dry quickly, never dry near heat, never dry or leave in sunlight, never force dry in any way. Remember - drying boots too quickly can shrink the boot. If leather is constantly going through a wet/dry cycle hardening and eventual flex cracking is inevitable - however the time before this hardening/cracking occurs can be extended by regular use of Leder-Gris Wax-Oil.

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The History of Leder Gris (and why it's so good!)

"In the early nineties I started to become unhappy with the water absorbancy of the leather we were using on our gamekeeper boots - we were using a WR100 leather (when WR100 leather is flexed in water for 100 minutes it must not absorb more than 6% of its weight in moisture). We had noted that after 6 months the leather we were using in our gamekeeper boots was absorbing 14% - over twice as much.

I took the leather and boots to the Pittards Tannery laboratory in Leeds and they quickly identified the problem - it was not the leather - but the leather treatment!

The gamekeepers had been using a bootcare product which contained a high amount of hydro carbon based solvents (ie. coal/oil based waxes with parafins, white spirits etc.)

These bootcare products had been developed many years previously for leathers tanned in the old way, however, the new water repellent boot leathers were different - and although these bootcare products were acceptable on some leathers - they had a tendancy to neutralise the water repellent components tanned into the more modern WR100/Anfibio/Hydro type leathers.

At that time in Leicester there was a bootcare company - Allen & Caswell - and with them I worked on the problem of finding a wax oil that would be compatible with modern leather. The result was Leder-Gris.

So when we say..."we recommend Leder-Gris" it is NOT a gimmick - we recommend it because, if used correctly and regularly, Leder-Gris will help sustain the water repellency of leather for a longer period of time.

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