Altberg Sneeker Microlite Classic Black Boot

This Altberg Sneeker Microlite Boot is a specialist boot, first developed in 2003 for specialist forces as a load carrying / running boot in close proximity / rapid deployment situations. The Altberg Sneeker has become highly popular as a non-waterproof military tabbing boot and with the police as a lightweight general duties boot or a firearms boot for urban situations.

The midsole is a unique design which allows sufficient forefoot flex for "kneel to fire", whilst retaining for good torsional resistance for load carrying on uneven surfaces.

• Ultra-lightweight soft leather upper

• Superb underfoot support

• Special midsole flex design

• Shock-absorbing micro cushion sole

• Non-waterproof totally breathable upper

• Unique midsole design to give maximum forefoot flex whilst
  retaining good torsional resistance

• Colour: Classic Black

• Sizes: 6 - 13 (including ½ sizes)